What is a Violin Bow Made Of?


A violin bow is drawn across the violin strings, producing vibrations that create sound. Bows fall into different price ranges, based on the quality of the materials that make up each part. The different sections are made separately and then fitted together to create a streamlined final product.

The Stick

The largest part of the violin bow is the stick,with the best ones made of Pernambuco wood from Northeast Brazil, although carbon fiber is another quality choice.

The Hair

The hair.

The hair is the part of the violin bow that touches the strings and produces sound. Horse-hair is the traditional favorite, but synthetic hairs are also used for cheaper bows.

The Frog

The bottom of the frog.

When you hold the violin bow, your thumb will be touching a black square of ebony wood at the bottom of the bow. This is the "frog."

The Screw

The screw.

At the very end of the violin bow, a round screw (usually metallic and black) is used to loosen or tighten the hair.

The Pad

The pad is a soft section of leather or snakeskin above the frog, where your index finger rests when you hold the bow.

The Tip

The tip.

At the opposite end from the screw, there is a pointed section called the tip, usually made of metal, ivory or bone.

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