What Does a Wood Router Do?

Wood routers are woodworking tools used to cut and shape wood by routing or hollowing out an area. Models are hand-held, offer different router attachments and are used in a variety of woodworking.


The wood router consists of a flat plane with a rotating shaft or bit sticking out of the bottom. An electronic motor powers the shaft, causing it to spin rapidly.


Wood routers are used on flat pieces of wood to trace designs, often held in place with clamps. The design is drawn on the wood beforehand to make tracing easier.



Wood routers originally began as hand-powered tools, but have evolved steadily into the electronically-powered spinning routers of today.



There are hundreds of different router bits, which can completely alter the size and shape of the cut being made with the tool.



Wood routers have made recreating exact replicas in furniture easy, and have revolutionized cabinetmaking, edging and scroll work, and precise cutting.