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Rip, cut, print and paste images to create your own vision board. A vision board is a collage of positive images you wish to see in your life. The board is meant to help you reach your goals by using the law of attraction to focus on the goals to bring them into your life. Make a vision board to capture all facets of your life, or narrow your focus and create individual boards to represent areas of your life you wish to work on.

Life Board

Collect a series of images meant to represent your life. Think of the images as the ideal you wish to set forth and move toward. Include pictures of the type of car you wish to drive, the house you would like to live in, finances, marriage, kids, career, family and friendship. Before you begin pasting them onto a sheet of Bristol board, arrange the images in piles according to theme. Look for words and phrases to add a title and subtitles to tie the collage together. Once complete, hang it somewhere you will encounter it often throughout the day.


Put your favorite daydreams of that vacation you always wanted to take to work. Use travel brochures, sketches and newspaper clippings to create a vacation vision board. Don't limit yourself to photos of the location. Instead, include pictures of flip-flops, a bikini, airplanes, luggage, stamps and any other travel-related images that speak to you. Make a trip to the bank and exchange a dollar for the currency of your dream locale to include in your board. Hang it somewhere you can also hang your sunglasses to make sure you see it every day.


Unless your dream job has a visual side to it, you might have to rely on more text for this vision board. Vary the size of the text and the type of font. One idea is to frame an area with photos and images of your dream position and hand-write a description of your ideal day using a variety of colored felt pens. Also, include images regarding what you will wear, tools required, transportation and anything else work inspired.


For a relationship board use images that speak to your heart. A couple in the throes of a passionate kiss, two hands clasped together, a diamond ring, romantic movie pictures and lines from songs can all make powerful visual statements for your relationship board. Include a picture of your husband or boyfriend (real or imagined), and incorporate images from experiences you have already shared together combined with images you wish to experience. Poetry, excerpts from your favorite book and photos of your favorite thing to share with your love are other ideas you can incorporate.


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