Value of Picasso Prints

Pablo Picasso (1881 to 1973) is one of the best-known 20th century artists. Although he is well known for his paintings, he was a prolific creator of an estimated 50,000 pieces in a variety of media.


Picasso is credited with helping found and advance the Cubist, Surrealist and Modernist art movements. Born in Spain, but spending much of his working life in France, he belonged to the same social circles as some of the other fine artists of the time.


Printmaking is a 500-year-old art medium which typically involves etchings or carvings. It has the two-dimensional representational element of a drawing or painting with a three-dimensional touch. Picasso’s prints are highly valued in the art world.



Picasso prints vary quite a bit in price depending on their condition, rarity and authenticity. Estimates for La Femme Qui Pleure were as much as £700,000 by Sotheby’s in England. Mid-priced Picasso prints can go for around $3,000, while a copy would be worth less than $200.