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How to Find the Value of Avon Collectibles

Perfume bottles are very collectible.
perfume bottles image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

When Avon began business in 1886 with a simple little perfume set called “The Little Dot” and the name California Perfume Company, it is doubtful that anyone could have imagined the tremendous success of the company today. Forty three years later, in 1929, the Avon cosmetic line made its debut in New York City. The company continued to grow and added dolls, glassware, plates and much more. Today it is one of the most popular products that collectors search for. The Avon collectibles and Christmas ornaments are widely collected and may never go out of style.

Determine exactly which Avon piece you have. The books used to determine the value are usually divided into categories such as bottles, glassware, jewelry and ornaments. There will either be pictures or very thorough descriptions of each piece.

Check the latest edition of the Warmans Americana and Collectibles for the current retail value of Avon products. Once you have determined the category, check the listings until you find the exact item you're researching. There may be different colors of a product container but there won't be much duplication in the Avon products.

Create a list of the items you have using the description that is listed in the book for each item. Include the retail value so you can calculate the total value of your collection. You may need this listing if you include your collection in an insurance policy. It will also help you to know what pieces you are missing.

Check the item you have for any damage, as even the slightest chip or scratch will lessen the value considerably. Even the rarest piece may get turned down by a collector if there is any damage.

Check with other dealers and antique shops as there are usually always a few pieces of Avon collectibles there. Secondhand shops, Goodwill and the Salvation Army thrift shops occasionally have a few pieces. Flea markets and yard sales are always excellent places to look for more and compare what price they are selling for.

Things You'll Need:

  • Warmans Americana and Collectibles
  • Reference books on colletibles
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