Valentine Box Ideas for Children

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A fun craft for Valentine's Day is a valentine box. These boxes serve as a mailbox for children on Valentine's Day. Each child decorates his own box, which has a slot in it so that other children can place their valentines inside. Come up with a cute way for the kids to make their valentine boxes.

Butterfly Box

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Start with a tall, skinny box, such as those that often hold bottles of wine. Cut a slot in the top of the box. Then, cover the box with a solid-colored wrapping paper, being sure to cut a slot in the paper that matches the one on the box. Next, draw butterfly wings on cardboard to fit the box. Cover the wings with wrapping paper, or let the child decorate them with markers, crayons or paints. Then, glue the wings to the back of the box so that they stick out at the sides. Use pipe cleaners to create antennae for the butterfly.

Love Bug

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Choose a shoe box and cut a slot in its top. Cover it with red wrapping paper, adding the slot in the top. Then, draw a large heart on red construction paper. Cut off the bottom point of the heart, making the head of the love bug. Draw a face on the piece of construction paper, then glue it onto one end of the shoe box. Cut smaller hearts from the red construction paper and glue them to black pipe cleaners. Glue the pipe cleaners to the back of the head for the love bug's antennae. Let the child draw black hearts all over the box for the love bug's spots.

Valentine Monster

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Cut a slit on the lower third of the front of a cereal box; the slit will be both the monster's mouth and where the other children will place their valentines. Then, cover the box with a solid-colored wrapping paper. Next, glue another band of wrapping paper along the top of the box. Cut slits in the paper so that it looks like the monster has tall, spiky hair. Cut out two long pieces of construction paper and fold them like you are making a fan. Then unfold the papers and glue them on either side of the box for the monster's arms. Glue on two hearts for eyes and an upside-down heart for the nose, and you are finished.

Theme Box

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Create a valentine box themed around something your child loves. Cover a shoe box or a cereal box with wrapping paper and cut a slot in the top. Then, let your child draw on the box or glue pictures on it that are devoted to something he or she loves. For the little boy who loves baseball, consider gluing on baseball cards or stickers or baseball objects. Maybe your little girl loves ballerinas. Cover the box with pictures of ballerinas, ballet shoes and tutus.


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