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Uses for Old Keys

Keys don't only have to be used for locks.
keys to your business image by Keith Frith from Fotolia.com

Many people don't know what to do with the extra keys they have. You may have old house keys, car keys, or bicycle keys that don't belong to anything any more. Instead of filling your drawers with keys that you can no longer use, there are useful things that you can do with them.


Old keys can be used to make jewelry that is a different than what you would normally find in a jewelry store. Keys can be dipped in gold or silver paint to match any chain. A necklace can be made by adding a large key to a long chain. A bracelet can be made by adding a small key to a short chain. Feel free to use more than one key to create a heavier look.

Picture Frame

Old picture frames can be given a new look by hot gluing keys around the edges. You can add color to the frame by painting the keys, or just shine them up for a more natural look.

Paper Weight

If you have a large collection of keys at home, they can be used to make a unique paper weight. Take a clean glass jar and add your keys to them. Your jar will be nice and heavy and can be used to keep your papers in place.

Key for Hope (keyforhope.org) is an organization that takes old keys and recycles them. The money earned through recycling is used to fight hunger. Key for Hope helps donors arrange and manage key drives at schools and other institutions.

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