Unique Ways to Display Sea Glass

Finding sea glass is a thrill for collectors who comb the beach along the shoreline and higher up along the wave line. Collectors marvel at the color or interesting shape of the glass. Once home, a collector displays it. Sea glass brings memories of walks on the beach. Its presence is soothing to the soul. Instead of dropping it in a jar, clean off the seaweed and gritty sand. Sample unique ways to display sea glass.

Sea Glass Lantern

Bring a seashore theme to your backyard or barbecue. Peruse garage sales, flea markets or online for steel-framed clear glass outdoor lanterns. A square shape is preferable. You need one that can rest on a flat surface and has thick panes of glass to withstand the weight of the sea glass against its sides. Choose one that holds a pillar candle vs. a votive. When looking, think of lanterns used by New England lobstermen. Depending on the depth of the bottom, lay found sea glass around the candle. The flicker of the candle produces a wonderful glow on the shards. Do not use favorite shards because they will accumulate melted candle wax over time and have to be swapped out.

Sea Glass Shadow Box

Display your sea glass collection near an entranceway or other area of the house where it can be admired. Purchase a shadow box that is used to frame collectibles. It must be topped with a sliding open sheet of Plexiglas (rather than clear glass) and have back mounting. Wash all sea glass in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Place artificial seaweed found in pet stores or underwater decorative plastic plants such as foxtail as a backdrop. Each time you find sea glass, slide open the Plexiglas and lay the shard down. After several trips to the shore, your shadow box should start to look like a work of art with its various shades of color and the unusual contours of sea glass.

Chandelier Pillar Holder

For those special occasions when you want to create a serene mood, consider using a chandelier-styled pillar holder as a table centerpiece. Made of blackened steel, the chandelier has a round tray with ridged sides. Get white sand from the beach or at the craft store. Place the chandelier holder onto the table center. Carefully pour the sand into the round base of the chandelier just below the edge. Strategically place found colored sea glass on or partially in the sand. For a more dramatic effect, purchase more vibrantly colored sea glass from an online shop. Confirm that it is authentic sea glass and not synthetic. Select pillar candles that echo or complement the colors of the sea glass. If you can't find a chandelier-styled pillar holder, you can devise the same effect by using a natural slate candle tray. The slate can be used without the white sand and solely an assortment of overlapping colored sea glass. The candlelight will still create a dramatic display for your guests.