Types of Welding Projects That Make Money

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Welding is one of those hobbies that can be used to create interesting and distinct art objects. Provided you’re proficient at it and can find a customer base, turn your hobby into a money-making venture. While it probably won’t be enough to let you quit your day job, when saving up for summer holidays or Christmas presents, your welded creations can help you save up that much quicker.

Wall Art

Go inside any home furnishings store and you'll find pieces of wall art constructed out of various types of metal. A series of metal squares welded together in different configurations can make quite an impact on a bare wall. Scraps of metal from other projects can easily be used to make wall art pieces and the combination of different types of metal made into a single piece only adds to its distinctiveness. Welded wall art doesn’t have to be abstract in design. Flowers, suns, birds and other simple objects can also be recreated out of welded metal and sold.


Spare nuts and bolts from around your workshop are all that you need to create simple metal figures. It’s exactly how these figures are posed and what situations they’re put into such as golfing, fishing or cooking that make them appeal to different people. It may take a few tries until you decide on the basic design of your figures, but once you find one that’s easy enough to replicate into various positions, start creating different situations to put them in. Recreate moments that you’ve seen or build figures acting out different work environments. A miniature doctor treating a patient could make a great accent to a real doctor’s office.

Lawn Art

Lawn art becomes especially prevalent around the holidays. Metallic Christmas trees, reindeer, ghosts and Easter bunnies are only some of the figures with which people like to decorate their front yards and gardens. Holidays aren’t the only time homeowners like to decorate their lawns. During the summer months, when gardens are in full bloom, it’s not uncommon to see large metal birds or frogs scattered throughout the flowers and around backyard ponds. Spring and late fall are the times of year that people are most likely to be looking for outdoor decorations so plan on having your projects ready for sale during those seasons.


Not all furniture needs to be made out of wood. While a welded chair might not be all that comfortable, tables constructed from metal can be stand-out pieces. They also have the versatility of being used either indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year. Outdoor fire pits are especially appealing to families living in subdivisions since it allows them to have a small bonfire in their backyard without risking fire regulations.



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