Types of Cotton Sheets

Sheets play an important factor in the quality of a good nights sleep. Sheets that are scratchy, stiff, and rough may make it difficult to fall asleep. This issue can be resolved by understanding the different types of cotton that are used when making a sheet.


Sheets that are 100% cotton will be soft and comfortable, but may be prone to wrinkles.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has a thread length of 1 3/8 inches. This long thread length is what contributes to it's softness and high price.



Sateen feels similar to silk because most of it's threads are at the sheets surface. However it is not very durable.


Cotton Blend

Sheets that are made with a cotton blend, such as cotton and polyester are often used because the remain wrinkle free after washing.



SuPima is cotton that has been certified by the SuPima Association of America. This cotton is 100% certified that it has been grown in the south.



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