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What Is The Best Type of Paint for a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers must adapt to varying degrees of climate and temperature. One single shipping container can travel throughout the world. You must protect the container from the elements with the proper paint paint. Various paints are available; find the best paint for each individual shipping container.

Shipping Container Uses

Check to determine how you will use the shipping container. You can use these containers as a basis for artwork, homes, cafes, restaurants and, of course, for shipping goods. The intended use will help you determine the best paint type.

The Best Paint

The best paints for shipping steel containers are acrylic-based paints with an added zinc phosphate and a nonchlorinated plasticized mixture. Rustproof urethane enamel makes another good paint option for steel containers. These provide both an attractive appearance and durability, ensuring the strength and integrity of the metal by keeping it free from rust -- an important element due to the damaging elements a shipping container receives.

Paints for Shipping Containers Used as Housing

Use a ceramic paint that also also acts as an insulator and adhesive when using containers as a home. Ceramic paint is fireproof and helps insulate sound. These characteristics allow the container to function as a home suited for various weather conditions.

The Best Paint for Metal Art from Containers

When using containers as art pieces, use a clear protective cover that delays oxidation, corrosion or any other damage from natural elements such as the sun. These paints can brighten metals while protecting the integrity of the art piece.

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