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How to Troubleshoot Ridgeway Clocks

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Ridgeway Furniture Company has been making grandfather clocks exclusively since 1960. The mechanical clocks are manufactured in the United States. Problems with the clocks can be related to the clock not running, the clock not chiming or striking, weights not falling at the same time and problems turning the moon dial. Troubleshooting these issues will help you avoid sending the clock back, which can be onerous due to their heavy weight.

Remove all the packing material if clock is new or has been moved recently. If the clock won’t run, verify the hands are clearing each other. Pull the second hand outward if it’s touching the dial.

Level the clock on its four levelers if the clock stops running. It should be as level as possible and under no circumstances should it rock.

Set the lever on the dial to one of the chime selections if the clock won’t chime or strike. The lever shouldn’t be set to “Silent.” The silent mode or “4/4 Silent” will stop the clock chiming on the quarter-hour.

Hang the weights in the right location. The weights are all a bit different and they perform different tasks. They are marked “L,” “C” and “R” for left, center and right as you face the clock.

Rotate the minute hand backward 3 1/2 hours if the moon dial won’t rotate. This is a gear engagement issue, and reversing the clock will sync the moon dial.


The two outside weights don’t drop during the night silence function. The center weight controls the time, consequently the center weight will continue to drop in the silent time.

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