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Tools for Wax Cutting

You can cut Intricate designs into wax candles.
candle wax image by Phantome from Fotolia.com

Tools for cutting and carving wax come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take into consideration the hardness of the wax you will cut when choosing any tool. Cut wax into various sizes for easier melting. Carve wax as a hobby or art form. Etch into wax candles to add texture and design. Carve designs into modeling wax then cast them into metal if you are making jewelry.

Hot Knife

An electric knife that heats up slices through wax with ease. The wax softens and melts as the knife slides downward. Electric wax cutting knifes are good for cutting hunks of wax. Hobby stores that sell candle or jewelry making supplies sell hot knife wax cutters.

Knives and Scalpels

Use any sharp, sturdy knife to cut wax. Hobby stores sell knives specifically for cutting wax but you don't need to purchase these. A knife with a thin, strong blade and hardy handle will work fine. Scalpels used as surgical instruments make excellent wax carving tools. Stores that sell surgical supplies sell scalpels as well.

Wax Saws

Wax saws found at hobby stores often come with a variety of blades. Stores also sell blades separately from saws. The type of wax and the wax thickness will determine what type of blade you should use. Use thicker blades to cut large pieces of wax and smaller blades for more precise wax cuts. Wax saw blades differ from standard saw blades. Wax saw blades are round with spiral designs. They also cut materials other than wax such as rubber, plastics and metal.

Wax Burs

Wax burs come in an assortment of shapes. They fit into a bur handle the size of a large screwdriver handle. Burs bore through wax for wax carving and manipulation. Purchase burs in sets that provide different shapes of heads.

Dental Tools

The fine points on dental instruments such as a dental pick make great wax cutting tools. The various scrapers will make precise cuts into wax. This is particularly good for etching. Purchase dental instruments at dental supply stores. Hobby stores and jewelry making supply outlets sell wax carving and picking tools that look just like dental instruments.

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