This Faux Bonfire Will Add a Cozy Detail to Your Home

When the temperature cools and night falls early, nothing sounds more inviting than a thick blanket and a warm seat by a fire. But if you're snuggling inside with kids, then small hands by big flames doesn't exactly sound relaxing. Instead of fussing over the real thing, build a faux bonfire that your kids can help decorate. Using bright shades of nail polish to create a fun marble effect, you can give the logs an eye-catching detail that will look even more exciting when lights illuminate them from below. Now all you and your children need is cozy corner of your home to relax in.

Prepare the Logs

With a damp cloth, clean the outside of each log and set them aside to dry. Next, paint each log with a neutral color so that the marbling detail can be seen clearly. Give the logs enough time to dry before moving on.

Create the Marbling Detail

Fill a large utility mixing basin halfway with warm water. Acting quickly, pour three or four different nail polish colors into the water, making sure to move your hand back and forth so that each color is dispersed throughout the tray. Next, quickly place a log into the water, lengthwise, while rolling the log slowly to pick up the colors. As you are doing this, you will see that the nail polish sits on top of the water to create a film that is then transferred onto the log. Add new colors into the water and repeat with the next log. Set each log aside to dry in a well-ventilated area.


Nail polish has a very strong odor. This project should be done by an adult in a well-ventilated area.

Assemble the Bonfire

Place lights inside a serving tray. A metal serving tray is preferable because the lights will bounce off the surface, creating a glowing effect. Next, position the logs by leaning them against each other. You may need to tack them in place. Last, crumple tinfoil and place it in between the logs to act as rocks. The tinfoil will also hide the lightbox.

Snuggle and Enjoy

Place your faux bonfire in a corner of a room where you can read and play with your kids. Enjoy the glow of a beautiful fire!

Faux Bonfire for Inside Home Faux Bonfire for Inside Home

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