The Uses of Epoxy Resins

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Creating something that is no longer manufactured or is difficult to find is a key use of epoxy resin. Buy a mold or fashion one out of household items, then mix the magical polymer compound for repairs, craft projects or model accessories. Follow directions carefully to create something out of nothing, a hard physical form out of empty space. Use powdered colors or let it rest in its nearly clear natural state.

Collector Car Parts

For classic car restorations, just try finding an intact seat belt housing cover. In plain English, that's a 40- or 50-year-old plastic box with undamaged screw holes. You can probably find the cracked, dry rotting version and repair it with epoxy resin, using a plastic bag and a spatula or use a box to make your own. After a little sandpaper and some paint, the old jalopy is ready for a ride, complete with new pieces no one will ever suspect were made in the back yard.

Recreating Nature

Fossil lovers may like to see just what they missed thousands of years ago by filling forms with epoxy resin. It is one thing to look at indentations in a rock, but quite another to hold hard snail shells or flower forms. An excellent collector's item or teaching tool, epoxy resin can create a dinosaur's leg or scary teeth when given the proper molds. These are available at craft or hobby stores.

Choo-Choo Backdrop

Model trains need landscaping to travel over. Water can be created using epoxy resin, giving a great visual effect and purpose to locomotive tracks. Place the lake in the right spot, then build a railroad bridge to cross it. Mountains and ground cover are easily purchased, but also can be made by pouring the resin into plastic wrap, creating rivers, waterfalls and trails with a three-dimensional touch. Use blue and white or green color tinting in one layer or several to turn a puddle of resin into a realistic landscape.

Tiny Things

Miniature doll houses need many details to create hours of fun and a realistic scene. Craft and hobby stores supply empty containers, such as pitchers, glasses and plates. Rather than let the dolls starve, use epoxy resin tinted and poured into the miniatures to create solid or translucent food and drink. Put clear resin in the bathtub to make water. Use your imagination to create other pieces of furniture or accessories to enhance the house.

Rubber molds

Jewelry can be made from epoxy resin using rubber forms to create the perfect shape. Glue on prefabricated earring posts, pendant tabs or pins to make multiple matching pieces to wear yourself or sell at craft shows. Fabricate picture frames from rubber molds, using different colors and painting the hardened product with craft paint. Special epoxy release spray is available to help pieces come out of the molds without breaking.



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