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The Media's Negative Effects on Adults

Media affects everyone in different ways. Though adults use media to learn the latest news, to communicate with people around the world and to escape reality for awhile, there are many negative effects associated with media as well. Many adults who let media consume their lives are often disconnected from the actual people around them.


Adults who spend their free time watching TV spend less time exercising. When adults eat in front of TV during meals, they often snack when watching TV as well because it is habit. Ultimately adults who watch a lot of TV gain weight and have difficulty finding motivation to be active. The images on television also play a part in adult anorexia. Adults see images on television, in movies and magazines that make them strive to be that thin. Though less common in adults, anorexia can be a problem.


Adults can suffer depression with exposure to different types of media. Anxiety can result from news reports about terrorism or health scares and cause depression in adults. Because adults spend time indoors on the Internet or watching TV, they are not exposed to as much sunlight and can have fewer relationships with actual people. Both of these things lead to loneliness and depression.


People who are obsessed with television and other forms of media quickly become enveloped in shows, social networks and other media. Instead of taking care of the house or meeting with friends, these adults stay inside to catch the latest episode of their favorite show or the newest movie. Priorities that should come first take a backseat, and media can become an obsession.


Media puts violent ideas in even adults heads. Video games, TV and films can cause anger inside of adults. Certain media causes adults to lash out, though they may not realize it. Some people may become unstable while others will take these emotions out on those around them. Addiction to media may also cause anger issues.

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