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Sudoku Instructions

Sudoku puzzles require a basic understanding of counting and numbers.
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Sudoku puzzles originated in America and Europe, but they got their name from the Japanese words "su" and "doku," which mean numbers in a single place on the board. These words spell out the definition of the game clearly. Although the puzzles vary in size, the most important part of the game for people to understand is that there can only be one of each number in each horizontal line, each vertical line and each box. These puzzles can be quite challenging but can also be great for children because they require only a basic understanding of numbers and counting.

Understand the basic objective of a Sudoku puzzle. Each column and row of nine numbers must include all the numbers from one through nine, in any order, and every three-by-three section of the nine-by-nine Sudoku puzzle square must also contain the numbers one through nine.

Scan the rows, columns and squares in the puzzle to determine where each number might go, given the objective.

Deduce which numbers go in which spot and fill in the numbers in each spot accordingly.

Practice trial and error. Sudoku puzzles are meant to be challenging, so you may have to take a couple of guesses and try multiple times before completing the puzzle correctly.

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