Soapmaking: How to Polish Homemade Soap

By Chelsea Hoffman ; Updated September 15, 2017
Polishing your homemade soap bars gives them a more complete and professional appearance.

Making your own soaps and body products gives you the ability to take charge of the ingredients you use and the appearance of your products. One attractive effect to achieve with bar soap is a glossy and polished look. To achieve a polished look, not much work is needed. Knowing how to polish homemade soap provides you with the ability to dazzle friends and family with your homemade creations. Polishing the soap also protects its surface, keeping it long lasting for many showers and washes.

Spread a couple layers of newspaper on your work surface to protect it.

Place a kitchen cooling rack atop the newspaper layers.

Place a bar of homemade soap on the cooling rack. The cooling rack keeps all sides of the soap bar exposed for polishing.

Dip a wide bristled paintbrush into a 2 oz jar of soap paint. Make sure the soap paint is a clear, high gloss formula.

Spread the gloss over the entire surface of the soap bar, making wide, long sweeping strokes with the paintbrush.

Allow the soap bar to dry for 15 minutes and then turn it over. Polish the other side of the bar with the clear coat.


Aside from polishing the bar soap, colored soap paints allows you to hand paint intricate designs on your homemade bars of soap. Soap paints are 100% water soluble and do not transfer color to your skin.

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