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Silvo Silver Polish Information

Silvo polish can clean this antique silver dish
silver sugar bowl with silver spoon image by Alex White from Fotolia.com

Silvo silver polish is a liquid cleaning polish. Silver is beautiful, with a distinctive look characterized by a brilliant shine. But silver is also highly corrosive and, over time, once-glowing surfaces can turn dark and dull. Silvo silver polish can be applied with a cloth, and protects and preserves the beauty of silver, along with gold and chrome.

What is Silvo?

Silvo is a brand of polish for silver, gold and chrome. It is a creamy liquid polish that leaves a polished surface and a brilliant shine with no harsh abrasives, mercury or acids. It has been around for decades and originated in Britain at the turn of the century. It is produced by Reckitt Benckiser Professional, the same company that produces Brasso.

How is Silvo different than Brasso?

Silvo is made for cleaning silver and gold. Its packaging is similar to Brasso, except it is primarily blue rather than red. Silvo is a pink solution, while Brasso is light brown. Brasso is more abrasive than Silvo, and can be used to polish a variety of objects including bronze, plastics and industrial surfaces such as CDs, DVDs and screens.

Why Use Silvo?

One would use Silvo to restore silver's brilliance. Silver is a corrosive metal that tarnishes when it is exposed to air and certain chemicals. Typically, silver sulfate is the main product formed when silver turns dark and tarnishes. Silver polishes such as Silvo both remove this silver sulfate that appears as brown and gray tarnish. One can also use it for gold and chrome, although these are less likely to tarnish.

Preparing an Item for Silvo

First clean the silver to remove dirt. Use a gentle cloth and water to clean the silver surface, using a cotton swab for the protected areas. Silvo polish works best when the underlying surface is clean.

How to Use Silvo

A silver polish like Silvo has anti-tarnish properties that can keep an item from tarnishing. To use, one applies polish to a cloth and rubs the polish into the surface of the object. After polishing to remove the grime and restore the shine, buff with a second cloth. Finally, rinse the piece completely and allow it to dry. It can also restore the beauty of chrome bathroom fixtures, and nickel objects like golf clubs or picture frames.

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