How to Display a Rock Collection

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Instead of keeping your rock collection stashed away in shoe boxes, display your finds around the home or in one dedicated area to share their beauty with others. From dedicated collection cases to random items you have around the house, housing your favorite finds organizes your collection while adding a bit of nature to your living space.

Dedicated Display Cases

Cases made specifically to house collections such as rocks and minerals provide a safe and potentially elegant way to display your favorite finds. A large wall-mounted wooden case with a glass front, similar to a shadowbox with separate compartments, keeps your finds free from dust while leaving them within view. Clear acrylic cases are ideal for small finds, while clear "floating" frames hold flat stones such as slabs of agate so they may be viewed from either side, allowing light to shine through as well. Craft stores, some frame shops and specialty retailers carry collection-display cases.

Shelf Science

Create a science or geology lab vibe by painting one wall with chalkboard paint, then adding shelves to display your favorite large rocks. Write the name of each stone specimen above it in chalk, such as malachite, granite or marble. Swap the stones out regularly to give the area a different look, or group them on shelves by types of stones. For instance, you could dedicate one shelf to igneous rocks, one to metamorphic and one to sedimentary stones. Display minerals or crystals on their own shelf as well. Secure the shelves to wall studs or wall anchors to ensure safety. If you can't add new shelves to a wall, display the collection on a bookcase instead, dedicating one shelf per type of stone. Even one or two stones on a shelf, atop a bookcase or on a piece of furniture adds a natural element to the room's decor.

Fab Fluorescence

Some rocks and minerals light up in fluorescent colors when viewed under black light for a funky, unexpected display sure to please unsuspecting visitors. Place your fluorescent stones in a clear case, in a tray or atop a table, keeping a black-light source nearby. Turn off the lights and turn on the black light for a special surprise. To add to the look, mix in a few pieces of sea glass that also have fluorescent traits, or add in a few synthetic glow-in-the-dark stones that stay lit up even after the black light is off.

Vases, Trays and Jars

Use items you may already have on hand to display your favorite stones as decor. Set similar stones in a tray on a dresser, for instance, or arrange stones by size or color in apothecary jars or Mason jars for display on a table or wide windowsill. Place a small vase inside a larger one, filling the space between them with small collected rocks. Fill the inner vase with water and add your favorite cut flowers for a double dose of nature.