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How to Set a Bicycle Combination Lock

Learn how to set a bicycle combination lock.
bicycle image by david harding from Fotolia.com

A combination lock is a simple dial-controlled tumbler lock that releases when the numbered dials are arranged in the correct combination sequence. These locks are often found on simple bicycle rope locks and they come with a standard preset sequence. If you have a bicycle combination lock and want to set your own personal code, you can easily switch the number in just a minute or two. You can use the same steps for changing your combination as often as you want.

Turn the dials on your combination lock so the numbers display your current lock sequence. Pull the lock open and hold the dial portion in front of you.

Feel the right open side of the lock where the other side was pulled from. Keep feeling until you find the small D-shaped ring facing down.

Flip the D ring so it is flat against the upper half on the side of the lock. Use your fingernail to get under the ring and lift it up.

Turn the dials on the lock to display the numbers that you want to make up the new lock sequence. Make sure the dials are all straight and turned completely or the combination will not change.

Flip the D ring back into the original position facing down on the side of the lock. Push the open side of the lock back together.

Twist the dials to display random numbers and engage the lock. Use the new combination sequence to open the lock again.


Write down your new combination sequence each time you change it to avoid forgetting it.


  • Do not change someone else's combination sequence without telling them or they won't be able to open the lock.
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