Scout Paracord Slide Instructions

Paracord, or 550 cord, was originally used in military parachutes. It is extremely strong and lightweight and lends itself well to braiding crafts. Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts alike can use paracord to make braided wristbands, lanyards and neckerchief slides.

True paracord can be found at military surplus stores as well as sporting goods stores. Any lightweight nylon cord found at a hardware store can be substituted for Scout craft projects.

Square Knot Slide

A simple paracord neckerchief slide for Scouts of any age to make is the “square knot” slide. This slide should be made of two different colors of cord, such as blue and gold for Cub Scouts, or green and khaki for Boy Scouts. If the desired colors are not available, purchase white cording and apply paint.

Use a 4-inch length of cord in each color to tie a square knot. Trim the ends to the same length and melt the tips with a lighter to prevent fraying. Adults should handle the lighter for younger Scouts. Glue the finished knot to a third piece of cord to form a loop for the neckerchief.

Turk’s Head Woggle

Older Scouts can make the Turk’s Head Woggle as a replacement neckerchief slide. The Turk’s Head knot is a complex woven loop that looks very impressive when used as a slide. Many adult Scouts use this knot for a Wood Badge Slide and a way of showing off their advanced outdoorsman skills.

Complete directions for the knot can be found in the Reference section below.

Friendship Knot

The friendship knot is a decorative knot that is tied with a single length of paracord. About 17 inches of cord are needed for this knot, which can then be used by itself as a neckerchief slide. Illustrated directions for this knot can be found in the Reference section below.