Scary Homemade Halloween Mannequins Images

Halloween is a holiday when people like to decorate and create displays for fun and ambiance. You can make your own homemade Halloween mannequins for parties and outside decor. Common techniques include making a duct tape dummy or creating a scarecrow style mannequin with old clothes. Most of the materials needed are household items or are inexpensive and easy to find.

Duct Tape Dummy Materials

To make a duct tape dummy, you need a willing person to let you wrap tape all around them, 6 to 8 rolls of duct tape, depending on the size of your would-be dummy, gloves, a long-sleeved pair of pajamas that you don’t mind getting sticky, scissors with rounded edges so that you don’t poke your subject, socks, and a padding material. Old newspaper or magazines can be used to stuff the dummy once it’s cut off of the model. The duct tape dummy will be used to create most any Halloween mannequin, and is good for witches and zombies.

Customizing Your Duct Tape Dummy

Once your duct tape mannequin is stuffed, resealed and ready, you will customize it with a Halloween mask and costume. Get a costume that would fit your model and dress it up. If you want to avoid latex products, use a pumpkin for a Headless Horseman motif. Decorate your mannequin with fake blood if you’re doing a vampire or a zombie.

Scarecrow Style Mannequin Materials

To make a scarecrow style mannequin, you'll need some old clothes, some 2-inch by 4-inch boards that are sized to fit in the clothes and give the body shape, a wig head, wire for further shaping along the body, chicken wire stuffing to fill out the clothing, a piece of plywood to attach the mannequin to for stability, and a mask for the face. You'll also need some bolts or long screws suitable for use with wood to put the body together. You may also want to give your mannequin some props, such as a wand for a witch.


To assemble a scarecrow type Halloween mannequin, use 2-inch by 4-inch boards to give the body shape. First, assemble the body with the 2-inch by 4-inch boards and the wood bolts. Once the body is assembled, slip on the mannequin’s pants and attach it to the plywood base. Next, attach the head with a bolt and some wood glue or hot glue. Once that's in place, shape the hands from the wire, put on the gloves, and attach clothing, a mask and other props. Insert the chicken wire stuffing into the mannequin's clothing to fill out the body. This type of mannequin is durable and will store well from year to year.