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Safety Issues With Vintage Guardian Service Cookware

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Vintage Guardian Service cookware is a collector's dream. Its durability and affordability make it easy to attain. Guardian Service is a cook's dream as well and is safe to use when handled correctly.


Guardian Service Cookware was produced for 20-plus years, beginning in the 1930s. Production ceased when the Guardian Service plant burned in the 1950s.


Hammered aluminum cookware like Guardian Service conducts and holds heat well, making it excellent for stovetop or baking use. Guardian Service cookware that is in good condition is safe for cooking.


A supposed link between aluminum cookware and Alzheimer's Disease made many people afraid to use Guardian Service for cooking. However, the FDA has found no evidence that aluminum cookware emits enough aluminum during use to cause Alzheimer's Disease.


Aluminum reacts to certain foods, including tomato and citrus foods, which can discolor or damage the surface of the cookware and affect the taste of the food. Heavily scratched or pitted aluminum cookware should not be used as it can cause more aluminum than normal to leach into food.

Fun Fact

Guardian Service produced a set of triangular shaped pots meant to be used together on one burner.

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