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Rules for Spy Snap Card Game

The Spy Snap card game is ideal for family game night.
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The I Spy Snap card game has a twist on the classic I Spy game. Instead of calling out random objects players see, as in in the original "I Spy" game, players call "Snap!" when their picture cards match someone else's. The game comes with a standard deck of cards and an instructional book. Up to 12 players ages 5 to 10 years can play, although families can play together.

Setting Up Deck

Randomly choose a dealer by choosing the person who last won a game or by flipping a coin, for instance. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals them to all of the players. Some players can have one more card than the other players. Once the players receive their cards, they turn them face-down in front of them. The player on the left of the dealer plays first, and the remaining plays go clockwise. Players should keep their cards out of their opponents' view when moving the cards from the face-down pile to the face-up pile. Once players have looked at their cards, they can reveal them.

Playing the Game

Each player reveals her top card. If someone turns over a card that matches another player’s card, that player should be the first one to say “Snap!” The player who says “Snap!” first wins both piles of cards and adds the cards (face-down) to his pile. If two players say “Snap!” at the same time, they put their piles together in the center of the table; it's called the “Snap Pot” pile. The two matching cards must be on top of the pile. The two players then continue to play until he or she says “Snap Pot!” first when receiving a card that matches one of the cards on top of the Snap Pot.

Eliminating Ties

Sometimes players can call out “Snap!” or “Snap pot!” by accident or by mistake, causing confusion or too many ties. If the game has too many ties, then put something in the table that players must touch instead of calling out “Snap!” A piece of paper with the word “Snap”, a bell or a small rubber ball are all fine to use. Then the first player who puts her hand on the object wins the cards. Plays continue until one player wins all of the cards. Whoever wins all the cards, wins the game.

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