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Round Mosaic Pattern Ideas

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Round mosaic patterns can be used in many places inside your home, outside and on other objects. From stepping stones to mirrors, clocks and tables. Also, mosaic patterns can be made with different materials besides glass.

Grapevine Mosaic

The grapevine mosaic pattern can be made on any round form or can be done around a mirror. To make this pattern you will need: 5/8-by-11 3/4-inch round piece of plywood, ceramic tile adhesive, a circular mirror, green mosaic mini tiles that are approximately 1/2 inch-by-1/2 inch in size, purple or red glass beads, glass cutters, grout in any color you choose, plastic knife, plastic spoon, venture tape that is about 2 inches wide, latex gloves, glue, a D-ring and framing wire.

Windmill Mosaic

The windmill mosaic is 8 inches-by-8 inches in size, so you may want to have a copy of this picture with you to make sure that it fits onto a round surface that you want to use. You can choose mosaic tiles of your choice, such as brown for the base of the windmill, a darker brown for the windmill blades, green for the ground and blues for the background. The windmill pattern is more detailed; using transfer paper, lay the picture and the transfer paper onto the surface and trace the windmill pattern.

Seashell Mosaic

The seashell mosaic is made from pieces of seashell instead of glass. It can be done on any round surface, such as wood or a round lid to a trinket box. You will need pieces of seashells that you can break into smaller pieces, grout, a mixing bowl, plastic knife, sponge and cloth. Begin by picking which seashells you want to use; you may need to break the larger ones into smaller pieces.

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