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How to Reset the Chime on a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks will chime the hour on the hour.
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You must reset the chime on your grandfather clock if it does not chime at the correct time or does not chime at all. Most grandfather clocks are equipped with one or more chime melody selection, and this will not make a difference as to when the grandfather clock should chime. Strike and chime sounds occur when a series of hammers strike the various length rods within the grandfather clock.

Stop the pendulum on the grandfather clock when it starts to chime and mark the time. This is to make sure that the chime is operating at the designated time on the clock.

Remove the small nut that holds the minute hand in place using the pliers. Be careful not to scratch the hand nut, hand or dial. Hold the minute hand firmly with one hand while you use the pliers with your other hand to turn the nut counter clockwise to loosen it.

Remove the minute hand by grabbing it at the back side where it connects to the hand shaft. Take the minute hand completely off the clock face.

Grip the bushing at the raised bump in the center of the hand shaft on the minute hand with your pliers so it does not slip out of your hand. Turn the bushing to the appropriate minute by counting each turn as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Place the minute hand back onto the shaft and finger tighten the hand nut. Place the minute hand in the position that it needs to be in order to match your noted time in step 1. If the hand does not line up repeat steps 2 through step 4.

Tighten the hand nut with the pliers but not too tight. Start the pendulum.

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