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How to Repair Colibri Lighters

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The Colibri company produces watches, money clips and other accessories, but may be best known for its lighters. Featuring specialized lighters, such as those designed specifically for women or for lighting cigars, Colibri creates high-quality products that are sold worldwide. However, like all products, Colibri lighters need occasional maintenance to function at their peak. There are a number of repairs you can make to your Colibri lighter to have it performing at its best.

Return for Repair

Return your Colibri Lighter to the manufacturer for certain repairs that are beyond your scope to fix. If an electrode in the lighter has fallen out of alignment, your Electro-Quartz component or burner has malfunctioned or you discover a leak in your lighter, return it to Colibri for proper repairs.

Bleed the air tank by opening the release valve for the butane in the lighter. Place the lighter in its original gift box, and place the gift box in a study cardboard box for shipping. Include in the box the warranty coupon or dated sales receipt; if your warranty has expired, you will be billed after service. Also include a piece of paper with your clearly printed name and address, as well as $6 for the shipping and handling of the package.

Insure your package with a carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and ship to the manufacturer at:

CST Enterprises, LLC Service Department 25 Fairmont Ave East Providence, RI 02914

Contact the Service Department for any questions regarding the shipping or repair processes. Call the Department at 401-943-1500, or the customer service line at 1-800-928-8281. These lines are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Clean the Burner

Clean the burner if the lighter will not light or the flame is sputtering because of a dirty burner. This is often the cause of lighter malfunction if you have refilled the lighter fluid and the lighter still will not ignite.

Hold the lighter horizontally, with the opening for the burner facing the tip of a can of compressed air. Keep the tip of the can at least one inch from the burner hole to avoid damaging the interior of the burner.

Spray three short bursts of compressed air into the lighter. This will clean any soot or other debris from the burner.

Allow at least five minutes for the interior of the lighter to warm to room temperature before igniting. This process can be sped up by holding the lighter between your hands.

Replace Lighter Flint

Replace the flint in your Colibri lighter if the lighter will not spark because it is out of flint. Set the flame adjustment level as low as it can go so that you cannot accidentally activate the lighter while you perform the repair.

Open the flint chamber by either unscrewing the flint screw or sliding the flint plunger back; this will vary depending on the type of lighter you have.

Tap the lighter gently on a firm surface, such as your hand or the edge of a table, to remove any remaining old flint for dust. Slide the replacement flint into the chamber.

Set the screw or plunger back into place. Activate the lighter; if it still will not spark after a few tries, open the lighter again and make sure the flint is in its proper place.

Add Lighter Fluid

Work in a well ventilated area to avoid breathing in fumes from lighter fluid. Set the flame adjustment to its lowest setting to be sure you cannot create a high flame accidentally while you are filling the lighter.

Remove the filler valve cover, if necessary; not all Colibri lighters have this cover.

Hold the lighter upside down and place the tip of the nozzle of lighter fluid directly on the valve opening of the lighter. Press down for five seconds, and then release and check the fluid level. Continue until the lighter is full.

Replace the filler valve cover if necessary. Hold the lighter between your hands for 10 seconds to warm the fluid, making sure it is at room temperature and will light properly.

Readjust flame adjustment and return your lighter to regular use.

Things You'll Need:

  • Colibri lighter
  • Can of compressed air
  • Small screwdriver
  • Replacement flints
  • Lighter fluid


If you need to return more than one lighter for service, you can do so in the same package; include warranty information for both, and be sure to drain both gas tanks.

Colibri lighters have a limited repair service warranty that is good for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers the replacement of mechanical parts and excludes damage from accidents or misuse.

When replacing a flint, use on Colibri brand replacement flints, available from tobacco and lighter specialty stores. These flints are specially designed for use in Colibri lighters.


  • Never ship a lighter that is full of butane gas, because the shipping process could cause a spark that would activate or explode the lighter. Never activate a lighter or handle lighter fluid near a source of heat or spark, to avoid starting a fire.
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