How to Repair a Ceramic Figurine

Ceramic pot repairs are often almost invisible when done properly.
The clay pot image by Arkady Chubykin from Fotolia.com

Ceramic figurines serve as lovely home accessories and keepsakes. They are often delicate and can be prone to breakage when kept in a living space, especially ones with children or pets. Super glue is the best adhesive for repairing a broken figurine. The process takes just a few hours from collecting the tools you need to the drying time for the repair.

Gather the broken pieces of your figurine before starting the repair process, because super glue dries quickly.

Sand both edges of the broken figurine lightly with sandpaper. Wipe them with a clean cloth to remove all dust.

Coat one of the broken pieces of the figurine with super glue. Use the glue sparingly. A few drops of super glue are sufficient for small figurines. New super glue products offer dispensers with excellent precision control.

Press the pieces of your ceramic figurine together and hold it in place for a few minutes.

Apply masking tape across the glued portion of the figurine. The tape serves as a clamp. Let it set for at least three hours.

Use a dry cloth to clean your hands or any surfaces of glue before it dries.

Wipe any glue in excess on the ceramic figurine away with a paper towel or a cotton swab damped with nail polish remover.


Super glue is the most effective tool to repair your ceramic figurine, but while it dries clear, you will still see a hairline at the location of the break.

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