Recycled Crafts for Adults

wine bottle image by Alistair Dick from

Crafts are a great way to educate and entertain children, but crafts can be just as fun for adults. Several craft projects make use of recycled items. Old wine bottles can be turned into torches, coffee cans into planters, and scrap paper into coasters.

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

The bottom half inch of a 1/2-by-3/8 inch piece of copper coupling is wrapped with Teflon tape. The tape should be wrapped around many times so it forms a thick barrier that won't fall down the wine bottle. A 3/8-inch diameter wick is slid through the coupling, so 1/4-inch of the wick sticks out the top of the coupling. Torch oil is poured through a funnel into an empty wine bottle. The Teflon taped side of the coupling is put into the wine bottle opening. Once the wick has absorbed the torch oil for a couple of minutes, the wick can be lit to provide an outside torch.

Coffee Can Planter

An empty coffee can can be turned into a planter. A hammer and nail should be used to poke 10 holes in various places on the bottom of the can. A plant can be transferred into the can or it can be used to grow a new plant by putting soil and seeds inside the coffee can. A saucer should be placed under the can to catch the excess water when watering the plant. The new planter can be placed outside or inside near a window.

Wallpapered Glass Coasters

Old scraps of paper can be used to make coasters for glasses. Any kind of paper can be used for this project, whether its wallpaper samples, magazine cut outs, wrapping paper or craft paper. The base of each coaster must be made from clear 3 1/2-inch glass squares that are 1/4 inch thick. These can be cut and sanded by a glazier or at home. The scrap paper should be cut in the same size as the glass squares. The paper is affixed to the bottom of the glass square with the colored side up so it can be seen through the glass. Clear drying decoupage glue can be used to secure the paper to the bottom.