How to Read Palms for Girls

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Palm reading, or palmistry, is a form of divination that allows you to map a person's life or characteristics through looking at the palms of her hands. No method is proven in fortunetelling; however, if you're having a girls' sleepover or other gathering, it serves as an entertaining parlor trick. Reading palms for girls isn't difficult, but you must learn the basics of palmistry to at least make the experience feel authentic. Whether you're a girl at a sleepover or someone who just likes learning whimsical ways of divining your love life and future, palm reading can be an enjoyable and learning experience for girls of all ages and walks-of-life.

Study your dominant hand, or a friend's dominant hand. The dominant hand is the hand you use to write, meaning you are either left-handed or right-handed. There should be three distinct lines on the palm, with an assortment of others that aren't as well pronounced. These three lines are the head line, heart line and life line.

Locate the heart line, which is the topmost pronounced line on your palm. It runs from the joint of your index finger in a curve across your palm.The heart line is entertaining because it tells you about your relationships, romantic interests and other related topics.

Find the fate line, which is a single line that runs up the center of your palm. Not everyone has a fate line, which allegedly shows a lack of direction in life. According to palmistry, these people rarely show the tenacity to stick through projects or relationships. Very social people who are in and out of relationships may lack a fate line.

Study more in-depth the meanings of the shapes, sizes and textures a person's heart and fate lines. When it comes to palmistry, the details are quite intricate. However, if you're a girl looking to find out about love, life and fun, your heart and fate lines hold a world of meanings.

Observe closely the pinky side of your palm. You can tell how many children you may have, or how many times you may be married. This is indicative by the number of "rings" or flame-like creases that wind beneath your pinky flange toward your ring finger. Sometimes these lines are called "marriage lines."

Look at how the fingers separate on the hand. Girls who are interested in marriage and romantic interests can pay attention to the ring finger on the left hand. If it naturally separates, or stands out, from the rest of the fingers on the hand, it denotes a willingness to commit. Crooked fingers are indicative of someone who lies a lot, and short index fingers denote sensitivity.


  • Refer to a variety of different palmistry resources, because this form of divination is very intricate. Depending on how deep your interests lie, you can tell a lot about a person as long as you are willing to take the time to learn the art form.

    Refer to resources on your lifeline and head line if you're interested in topics pertaining to money and mental health.


  • Keep in mind that palmistry is only a form of fortune-telling entertainment and you shouldn't live your life according to what your palm's shape tells you.