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Radio Stations That Play Reggae in Washington, DC

Many radio stations broadcast reggae music.
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Listings vary for radio stations that play reggae in Washington, D.C. Also known as the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. is centered on the Maryland and Virginia borders and often receives radio signals from Baltimore. Additionally, with the advent of Internet communications, streaming music is another way to hear reggae in Washington D.C.

Dub Terrain

Dub Terrain radio specializes in reggae radio broadcasting into Washington D.C., according to Radio Time. Dub Terrain uses a selection of disk jockeys to bring selections and musical flavor to online radio. This station also entertains listeners with interviews and online radio shows from around the world, Monday through Friday. Dub Terrain can be streamed at low or high speeds on nearly any laptop or personal computer

1 World Reggae Show

The 1 World Reggae Show broadcasts into Washington D.C., according to Radio Time. World Reggae, according to the station's website, offers listeners a variety of contemporary Jamaican music to the classic hits of the late Gregory Isaacs. World Reggae can be streamed onto nearly any computer and shows can downloaded to MP3 players or portable electronic music devices. Various D.C.-area FM stations also may stream World Reggae when signals are strong.

Radio Lib

Radio Time identifies Radio Lib as a Silver Spring, Md., station -- situated next to Washington D.C. -- that broadcasts classic reggae, African soul and hip hop music. Radio Lib is the single Liberian radio station that streams into the U.S. via the Internet, according to the official website. Broadcasts include news and information on Liberian culture and politics. The station is best streamed online and can be heard 24 hours a day.

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