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About Queens Art Pewter

pewter sugar bowl image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

These days, if you want to give or collect Queens Art Pewter, you'll have to look a little further than its old Brooklyn address. Because this long-standing company stopped production in 2000, collectors must now go to museums or auction houses to enjoy fine pieces of pewter bearing the familiar Queens Art Pewter seal.


In 1930, two German men, Anton Thuerer and Frederich Bauer, started Queens Art Pewter from their kitchen. As skilled pewterers, these men grew their business from a kitchen laboratory to a recognized address in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


In 1960, John Arcate took over the pewter company after learning the trade from Theurer and Bauer. He made it a family business and continued the tradition until 2000, when he stopped production to take care of family health issues, including his own.

The most popular Queens Art Pewter pieces are mahogany-mounted copies of the Brooklyn Bridge. John Arcate once stated for the "New York Daily News" that his customers made over a thousand requests for this particular mantelpiece.


Queens Art Pewter pieces are identified by a crown emblem surrounded by a circular band with the words "Hand Made Danish Quality Pewter/Made in USA." Underneath this is a line that says, "Queens Art/Pewter/Brooklyn/N.Y.

Fun Fact

Queens Art Pewter made the chalice and paten for Pope John Paul for the 1979 mass in Washington. It was approximately 7 inches in diameter.

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