Projects With Old Silverware

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Once silverware has passed its prime, you may be tempted to just throw it away. Before you do, consider that there are some resourceful projects to reuse your old silverware and create new pieces to display around your home and garden. These projects may involve creating a windchime, jewelry, garden pieces or napkin rings.


A wind chime can be a way to recycle your old silverware for little to no money. You can drill holes into a knife for small threads of wire or ribbon to attach to before bending the knife into a ring. Thread the tines of several forks together to create an interesting effect. It may be best to cut off a portion of the handles of your forks before drilling a hole into them so that your wind chime is not too long. You can also weld another knife lengthwise across your circular knife so that you can loop wire or ribbon under it for hanging.

Spoon Jewelry

You can also use old spoons and forks to create cheap but beautiful jewelry for yourself. Polishing the silverware after creating your jewelry will ensure that eyes are drawn to your thrifty pieces. Spoons bent into the handle can make a fun ring if you cut off any excess handle. Cutting the handle off of a couple of forks and braiding the tines will allow you to create an eye-catching set of earrings if you drill holes into the base for a hook. If you have a lot of extra silverware, these simple crafts can also make good presents for friends and family.

Garden Decor

You can also use your unwanted silverware to create interesting artwork to display in your garden. With a little help from a welding torch, you can create a metal flower that will be sure to draw compliments. Your only purchase will be an opaque colored glass rock about the size of a quarter with a flat back. By cutting off all but a half inch of the handles of five spoons and welding their handles together, you form the petals of your flower. Use a strong adhesive to glue them to the glass rock as the center of the petals. Weld several flat handles together at angles to create the stem. The finishing touch will be" leaves" created from more detached handles at the intersection of the stem handles.

Napkin Rings

You can use your old silverware to create elegant napkin rings to use for special occasions. Cutting the business end off your silverware will leave the handle to make the ring. To prevent harm to yourself and others, file the cut end to a smooth finish before bending the handles into tight circles. Polish up the new napkin rings for added aesthetic appeal. Use these inexpensive pieces to draw compliments from your family and friends at a holiday meal or dinner party.


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