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Projects Using Gallon Glass Jugs

A quick coat of silver enamel paint turns a glass jug into a rustic vase.
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Glass gallon jugs, like the ones that carry inexpensive wine or apple cider, can be used to create unique crafts or holiday projects. If you don't purchase liquids that come in gallons, you can also sometimes pick up these glass jugs at yard sales or thrift stores. With just a few simple supplies, such as enamel paint, ribbons and lace, the options for crafting with glass gallon jugs are numerous.


Around Halloween, kids love to carve out and paint pumpkins to decorate their doorsteps in celebration of the holiday. The problem with pumpkins, however, is that they rot. An alternative to painting real pumpkins is to use a glass gallon jug to create a jug-o-lantern. Take a glass gallon jug and sponge paint it with orange acrylic paint. Then give your kids different color paints that they can use to personalize their "pumpkin." Insert a few white mini-lights to illuminate the pumpkin. Best of all, after the holiday, the jugs can be stored for use the next year. Make it a tradition and after a few years, you'll have a colorful glass jug pumpkin patch that you can display in a window or on a doorstep.

Unique Lamp

Glass gallon jugs can be converted into beautiful lamps that can be used anywhere in your house. You'll need to purchase a lamp kit, which can be found at any craft or home improvement store. You'll also need to drill a small hole in the bottom of the jug for the cord that you will plug in to illuminate the lamp. Fill the jug halfway with sand, marbles or unique findings like antique buttons to create a one-of-a-kind lamp that matches your decor.

Jug Band

Release your inner musician by using a glass gallon jug as a musical instrument. Remove the caps from glass gallon jugs and fill two or three with varying amounts of water. Each jug will create a different note based on the amount of water in the jug. Place the top of the jug to your lips, tilt it and blow to create a bass-like sound. Experiment with water levels to create your own jug band.

Kid's Bank

Glass gallon jugs make perfect piggy banks. The opening at the top of the jug is the perfect size to slip in quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Even paper bills can be inserted into the jug. To make the perfect piggy bank, use a knife to cut a slit in the top of the screw cap. Use a hammer to bang the sharp edge created on the inside of the cap. You can glue the cap onto the jug so that money can be inserted in, but not taken out. Let kids decorate their bank with permanent markers.

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