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Progressive Euchre Information

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Euchre is a fast-paced card game played mainly by four people, broken down into two teams of two. Progressive euchre is a way of playing the game with multiple tables of players in a tournament format.

Game Overview

This is a card game played with A-K-Q-J-10-9 of the four suits. With four players, five cards are dealt. After bidding to make the trick, trump is named and one team has to win at least three of five tricks, while the opponent team tries to stop them.


Euchre tournaments can be held several different ways.

Single/double elimination: This is where the teams play a game to 10 points and are eliminated after losing either once or twice.

Round-robin: This is where the teams play every other team once and the scores are tallied.

Progressive: This is where you change tables after eight hands and the scores are tallied.

Progressive Euchre

Progressive Euchre can done two different ways.

You can either change partners after each game

You change opponents after each game.

The goal is to move the players around, so you have different opponents or partners

How It Works

After playing eight hands, the winner moves to the first table, while the losers move to the last table. Everybody has a scorecard and you write down how many points you earned in eight hands. After 10 times of making the switch, you add up the points and see who is the winner.


Teams score one point for winning three or four tricks or two points for all five points. You earn four points for a loner. Teams not making their number of tricks receive no points, but their opponent earns two points.

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