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Problems With the Manco Go-Kart Brake

A few decades ago, go-karts would be fashioned on street corners from scrap timber, skipping ropes and perambulator wheels. Nowadays, even go-karts use advanced technology. Manco go-karts include the single-seater Dingo, which comes in model number 285 (5 horsepower) and 286 (6 hp). The Model 415, known as the Critter Kart, is also available in 5 or 6 hp. This is a double-seater go-kart. As with any go-kart, all can develop brake problems.

Disc Brake Problems

Newer Dingo go-karts use mechanical disc brakes. If you find that the pedal has excessive travel, or the brake is not stopping the vehicle, or even if the parking brake is ineffective, you need to adjust the caliper. First, check that the brake pedal and the brake lever are set in the rear position. Then loosen the jam nut and tighten the adjuster screw until snug. Then slacken the adjuster screw slightly and tighten the jam nut. Then perform a brake test. If you need to replace a disc brake, because of compromised braking action, you can buy a mechanical disc brake caliper. This is part number 04-9306. The pads are already loaded in the caliper, so the caliper is ready to install, although you do need to fit it in conjunction with a mounting bracket. Part number 217937A, the Comet steel brake caliper mounting bracket, is recommended. This is an elongated "C" shaped bracket, having a projecting lug with two mounting holes. There is also a rebuild kit for the caliper, part number 04-9576. The kit consists of two disc-brake friction pads, one backing plate, one adjuster screw, one adjusting jam nut and one actuator pin.

Brake Band Problems

Some pre-1995 Dingo go-karts have a 4-inch brake band instead of mechanical disc brakes. These horseshoe-shaped brake bands work by wrapping around a 4-3/16-inch wide drum, nominally 4-inch, that slides onto the axle. You need to adjust the brake rod if the brake pad does not act adequately to stop the kart. Remove the cotter pin then reassemble the brake band installation using the next hole along towards the rear of the kart. Make sure that the pedal can still move freely before driving the kart. If your band breaks or becomes warped, you can replace it with part number 1036. This 1-inch wide brake band has retainer arms with a "rounded off" style to keep the band from slipping off the drum.

Brake Pedal Problems

Brake pedals take a lot of rough treatment from kart drivers and sometimes wear or disintegrate altogether. A replacement brake pedal for both the Dingo and the Critter Kart is available, part number 6293-16.

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