How to Print Pictures Using Microsoft Windows Photo Printing Wizard

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The Microsoft Windows Photo Printing Wizard simplifies your projects for a stress free experience from start to finish. It will help you to choose options for printing your pictures the way you want them. You will find the wizard to be an informative tool with easy steps that will have your project completed quickly.

Select a picture. Access your pictures by clicking on the Start button and selecting “My Documents” on the menu list. To find the picture you would like to print, open “My Pictures” under the “My Documents” folder. You can then view all of the pictures that you have stored there. If you have saved pictures under a different location, open their folder and proceed from there. View the picture by double clicking on it. When you have accessed the picture you can choose to zoom in or out, rotate, delete, or edit the picture.

Access the Photo Printing Wizard. When you click on the print button on the bottom of the picture screen the Photo Printing Wizard will open. The wizard helps you format and print pictures from a digital camera or scanner. You can also use the wizard to print photographs or other types of images directly from your computer. Once you have opened the wizard click “Next” to continue. You will then be directed to choose from the various pictures available under that folder. You can just print the one you selected or print several at the same time.

Select printer options. After you select your pictures under the Photo Printing Wizard click the “Next” button to set your printing options. Start by choosing your desired printer under the “What printer do you want to use?” drop down list. If the printer is not installed yet select “Install Printer” and follow the install wizard prompts. Once the printer is selected you need to set your printing preferences. Click on the “Printing Preferences” button and preview the options under each individual tab located at the top of the preference screen. Your prints will look best if you select the kind of paper you are printing on first.

Choose your picture layout. Once the printer and preferences are set click “Next” and proceed to the Layout Selection screen. From there you can choose how you would like the picture laid out on the paper. Select the size of picture you would like. You can choose any size from a full page to wallets. Then choose how many copies of the picture or pictures you would like to print on your page. You can preview what the print will look like in the print preview section of the screen.

Print the picture. When you complete the layout selections for your picture click on the “Next” button. The data will then be sent to your printer and the picture will soon be finished. If the printer does not start right away check to make sure the power is on and the cable is connected. Once completed find a flat surface to lay the picture on so it can dry for approximately 10 minutes before you handle it. Proper drying time will keep the picture from smudging. When you are satisfied with your print click the “Finish” button and the Photo Printing Wizard will close.