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How to Price an Antique Oak Ice Box

Ice boxes used large chunks of ice to keep things cold.
Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images

Before refrigerators were invented, ice boxes were the means of keeping food cold. Ice was delivered in huge blocks, some as large as 50 pounds. A block of ice was placed in the bottom of a wood cabinet. How long the ice lasted was dependent upon the outside temperature. Antique oak ice boxes have become rare. Even the most elite antique shops may not have one on display. Online price guides may be the main source of information.

Visit websites online such as Kovels that contain antiques price guides.

Check auction sites and antique shops for completed sales of antique oak ice boxes and make a note of how much they sold for.

Visit your local library and check the antiques price guides and reference books that are available.

Check the internet for websites that give the history of refrigeration. There may be ads or links to sites that have an antique oak ice box for sale.

Compare the size and condition of your ice box to the sizes and conditions of the ones you find listed. Determine an average price value for your ice box.

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