How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh Alone

Before taking your "Yu-Gi-Oh" deck out for competition or tournament play, it's usually a good idea to test your skills, so you can see how factors such as the number of monsters, speed of deployment and size of the deck work with or against you. To test your deck, you can play against yourself. Rules of play are exactly the same as if you were dueling against a real player, the only exception being the other duelist is yourself.

Prepare your deck for playing. Shuffle the deck and create a hand for yourself. Assume you are playing against an opponent with no deck.

Draw a card in your draw phase.

Play through your turn as if in a regular game. Set down any monsters that you would normally and attack with them. Deduct life points from the other player.


End your turn. As the opponent has no deck, you immediately get to go again. Repeat until your opponent is defeated.



  • You may elect to play against a proxy deck with an assortment of monsters, if you like. If this is the case, remember to also play as the opponent as well.


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