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How to Play the Game Liar's Cards

Sometimes the easiest and most simplistic games are the most fun. This seems to be the case for Liar’s Cards, a bluffing game for two or more players that’s played with a single deck of cards for any number of rounds. Play moves around the table with each player discarding one to four cards from a hand and exclaiming what they’re getting rid of. But sometimes folks are lying and it’s up to you to call their bluff. While two or more players can play this game, it's best with four and up.

Determine the order of play by dealing out the deck until one person ends up with a Jack. This person will act as the first dealer for Liar’s Cards. Order of play will start to the left of the dealer.

Deal out the entire deck, starting with the person to the left and moving around the table in a clockwise direction until there are no cards remaining. Depending on the number of people playing the game, your hand will vary in the total number of cards.

Discard your hand. If you are the person to the left of the dealer, you’ll start out by discarding (face down) any Aces that may be in your hand and declare how many of them you’re getting rid of. If you do not have any Aces, you will need to bluff—hence the name Liar’s Cards. Play continues around the table in a clockwise direction with each person discarding (or bluffing) and declaring the next ranking suit that follows.

Call your opponent’s bluff if you believe he or she is lying. If you’ve called it correctly, the liar will need to pick up all the cards in the discard pile and add them to his hand. If you’ve called it incorrectly, you’ll need to pick up all the cards in the discard pile and add them to your hand.

Win the game of Liar’s Cards by being the first person to rid your hand of all your cards.

Things You'll Need:

  • Deck of cards
  • Playing surface


For an added challenge, use two decks of cards instead of one.

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