How to Play Four Kings in a Corner

Four Kings in a Corner is a relatively easy card game for two to four players. Although the rules are simple to follow, the challenge comes from playing with others who have a good strategy and a little luck. Read on to learn how to play Four Kings in a Corner.

Deal seven cards face down to each player and make sure that each player has easy access to the playing area.

Place the remaining cards in a pile face down in the center of the table and flip the top four cards over and place them on each side of the deck. This will form a plus sign. Move a king to one of the corners if it is one of the original four cards placed face up and put another card from the deck in its place.

Determine who goes first by having each player choose a random card from the deck. The player with the highest card--kings being high and aces being low--begins and play moves counter-clockwise around the table. Return cards to the deck.

Start your turn by drawing a card from the top off the deck.

Play your cards off of the face up cards that are on the board. You must go in descending order and alternate red, black, or black, red. You may move any of the four original cards onto another pile to continue a pattern and then place any card you want to build off of in the open space.

Place any kings you have in any of the open corner spaces and you can now build off of this pile as well.

Announce your turn is over when you have no more cards to play in your hand. You can not intentionally hold onto cards to use later in the game.

Repeat steps four through seven around the board until someone runs out of cards. The first person with no cards left in her hand is the winner.


Remove any pile from the board that goes all the way from king to ace. This helps keep the board less cluttered.

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