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How to Play Egyptian War

The Egyptian War Card Game is a game that involves a little bit of luck along with rewarding quick reaction times. Players are competing to see who can win all of the cards in the deck based on several rules on how to acquire these cards. Players must keep a close eye on the cards being played and be ready to slap the deck at any time to increase his own pile of cards. The game of Egyptian War does not involve score keeping; there is only one winner at the end of each hand, the player with all the cards.

Gather a group of friends together to play the Egyptian War Card Game against. The minimum number of players for the Egyptian War Card Game is two players, and the maximum number of players is five. The ideal number of players for the Egyptian War Card Game, though, is three or four players.

Shuffle the deck of playing cards and divide it into roughly even piles of cards. The rules of Egyptian War do not require an even number of cards in each pile, but it should be as close as possible. The player to the left of the dealer chooses his pile first, then the players choose in clockwise rotation around the table with the dealer choosing last. Players may not look at their own cards.

Choose the player sitting to the left of the dealer to start the game. He will flip over the top card from his deck of cards. If it is a 10 or less, with deuces being the lowest ranking card in the deck, the next player to the left plays his top card from his deck next to this card, overlapping slightly but allowing all to see the previous card.

Playing a card that is either an face card or an ace institutes a special rule. The player after that card has a limited number of chances to play one of these four cards as well at that point. If the card is an ace, the next player gets up to four chances to play any of the face cards or an ace, playing one card at a time from the top of his deck. If the card starting this special rule was a king, the player has three chances to play the face card or ace, with a queen there are two chances, and a jack allows only one chance.

If a player successfully plays a face card or ace in the number of tries dictated, his turn ends and the next player must now repeat this requirement based on the face card or number card the player before him played. When a player fails to meet the goal of playing a face card or ace in the required number of cards, the player before him gets to collect all the cards on the table and add them onto the bottom of his deck, with the next player to the left playing a new card to continue the game. Keep in mind the object of the game is to win all the cards in the Egyptian War Card Game.

Slapping to steal the cards on the table is allowed any time a card played matches the card played immediately before it. When the matching card is played, the first player to slap his hand on the pile of cards on the table collects all of them. If there is a tie between two slappers, nobody collects those cards and the play continues. This can even happen when players are attempting to play a face card or an ace after a previous face card or ace was played. In other words, slapping rules have priority over all other rules.

Continue playing, rotating turns around the table until only one player has any cards, that player is declared the winner of the Egyptian War Card Game.


Decide among the players if the game if a player with no cards left in his hand is still permitted to try to slap when a pair appears. If this is allowed, he can reenter the game by slapping and winning the cards in the pile when a pair appears, if he slaps first.

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