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Pink Color Types

Carnation pink is one of more than 30 pink color types.
carnation image by Chris Loneragan from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

Who would have thought there are over 30 pink color types to choose from. Whether painting fingernails, bathroom walls or stenciling, there are that many pink color types from which to select--ranging from amaranth to salmon. Many of the colors are named after plants.


Similar to the pink color type of magenta, amaranth has a more reddish tint. Named after the amaranth plant, amaranth is also referred to as amaranth red.


Carnation pink is perhaps one of the most well-known pink color types. Named after the flower, the carnation, carnation pink also comes in a slightly lighter hue called nadeshiko pink.


Cerise pink is a deep and vivid pink with hues of red. Cerise comes from the French word for cherry. Cerise can also be used to describe various tones such as vivid cerise, amaranth cerise, deep cerise and Hollywood cerise.


With a slightly orange hue, coral is also a pink color type.


Named after the fuchsia plant, fuchsia is perhaps one of the more vivid pinks. With a slightly purple, slightly red hue, fuchsia pink is synonymous with magenta pink. For example, light fuchsia pink is also referred to as pale magenta and vice versa.


Mixed with blues and purples, reds and pinks, magenta is another pink color type.


Puce, also considered to be pink, is described as reddish-brown and purplish-brown, as well.


Rose is just in the middle between red and magenta on the color scale.

Salmon Pink

The pink color type salmon, comes in two shades: light salmon pink and salmon pink. The light salmon pink color is used to describe the color of the fish, while salmon pink might be used to describe the crayon color.

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