Palm Tree Painting Techniques

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Despite a simple design and color scheme, painting techniques for palm trees can be quite versatile. When considering techniques, artists can look at a variety of categories, including type of paint medium and freehand or planned techniques, as well as different art styles such as Impressionism and abstract painting. Individual techniques can be combined or used individually in the creation of palm tree paintings.

Paint Choices

Palm tree painting techniques are dependent on the type of paint medium used for the project. Oil, watercolor and acrylic paints can all be used to paint the trees on canvas or paper. To properly use the paints, it is important to learn the basic painting techniques corresponding to each type of painting, including how to use the proper brushes and tools, highlighting, and texture. For thicker, more vibrant colors, acrylic and oil paints are most suitable. In contrast, softer designs can be painted using watercolors.

Freehand Techniques

The simple design of palm trees lends itself to the development of freehand painting techniques. Freehand techniques can include detailed watercolor paintings depicting different types of palms including a regular palm frond or the palmetto palm. Other freehand techniques are less precise, such as using a palette knife to create a palm tree oil painting relying on rapid hand movements and paint layering to depict an abstract palm tree.

Using Stencils and Sketches

Stencils and sketches are useful techniques for artists needing to prearrange the palm tree painting surface to ensure correct dimensions or alignments. Stencils are helpful in the case of repetitive images, where the artist wants to ensure exact replication of a particular image. Sketching is equally helpful in planning to arrangement of a painting. Artists typically use charcoal or graphite to sketch the forms in the painting before creating details with paint.

Style Techniques

Style techniques for painting palm trees are widely varied and can range from realistic to abstract or impressionist designs. While realistic style techniques involve painting palm trees as they appear in nature, abstract and impressionist techniques allow for the artist to experiment with the colors and form of the tree. For example, the painting “Landscape With Palm Tree” by German impressionist Meta Speier was created using soft lines and colors with little detailing. In addition, Speier’s painting exaggerates the dimensions of the palm tree in relation to the surrounding landscape by appearing comparatively larger than the surrounding buildings.