How to Find Out the Value of Your Baseball Cards

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Although seeking out baseball cards featuring your favorite players might have started out as an innocent childhood activity, it has now become a more serious, and occasionally even lucrative, hobby for adults. Before diving headfirst into both the buying and selling of baseball cards, take the time to learn how to properly price baseball cards using different avenues so that you will be better able to get the most for your money.

Evaluate the condition of your baseball cards so that you will be able to more accurately price the value of your cards. When determining the condition of the card and how much it is worth, you will need to consider such factors as physical condition, authenticity, the year that the card was issued (cards from after 1980 have a much lower chance of even being sold), the demand for the card, the player on the card (rookie and Hall of Famer cards are worth more), rareness (a card will be worth more if only a small number were produced) and whether the card has the signature of the featured baseball player.

Perform a search on an online auction site, such as eBay, to get an initial idea of the worth of each of your baseball cards. While you might not find every card that you are interested in selling on such a site, it is highly probable that you will find listings for popular baseball cards that are in demand. Take note of whether a particular card sells easily and how much it generally sells for based on its condition so that you can price your baseball cards accordingly if you choose to sell them.

Look through a baseball card price guide, such as “Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide” or “Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards,” to determine the value of single cards or sets of baseball cards. You can find price guides at your local bookstores, newsstands, sports stores or libraries. As most price guides are updated monthly or bimonthly, with a special annual edition, the pricing information will always be relevant. There are also a number of online baseball card price guides, often created by the same companies that publish physical copies of the guides, which can be accessed by purchasing a subscription.

Submit your baseball cards to Professional Sports Authenticator, a renowned grading company, to receive a professional grade for the cards. A professional grade is based on the overall condition and factors surrounding a baseball card and will give you the most accurate price for your cards. As it does cost money to have your baseball cards authenticated, do the proper research and submit only the cards that you believe possess higher values. By having your baseball cards authenticated, you will preserve the value of each card and show your buyers that your baseball cards are authentic and properly priced.


  • Store your baseball cards in protective plastic casings to preserve their condition. Baseball cards that are free of bends, tears, frays, fading, smoke exposure and other defects will be priced at higher values.