How to Find Out What Your Stamp Is Worth Online

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Antique stamps vary in worth from their actual price to thousands of dollars. To determine the value of your stamp collection, you can use stamp collecting websites to estimate the value of each of your stamps. Add up these values to estimate the cost of your collection. Unfortunately, most stamp collecting websites require membership before allowing you access to detailed stamp value breakdowns. While some of these sites offer a free membership, others charge a small fee.

Navigate to a stamp collecting website. Press the "Register" button. Fill out the forms with your information, including email address and full name. If necessary, enter your credit card information.

Click on "Search." Enter a term in the search box that describes the picture on your stamp. For extra search details, click "Advanced Search." Enter a search term, the stamp value, the color of the stamp and any additional information you have.

Hit the "Enter" key to search.

Browse through the stamps of the search results. Click on your stamp when you see it. The next page should tell you the value of the stamp. Make a note of the value.

Repeat the search for every stamp in your collection. Add the values together to determine the total value of your collection.


  • To get the best price for your stamp collection, use negotiation tactics like asking for a higher price than you expect.