How to Find Out How Much Baseball Cards Are Worth

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Collecting baseball cards is more than just a hobby for some people. For serious collectors, buying and selling baseball cards is similar to trading shares on the stock market. Before you attempt to sell any portion of a baseball card collection to a dealer or other collector, you should first learn the worth of the cards in your collection. The method you choose to find the worth of your cards can vary based upon the estimated worth of those cards.

Look up the prices of the baseball cards inside a Beckett pricing guide. Beckett guides list baseball card prices by the year the card is released, manufacturer of the card and card series (for example, “2007 rookie cards") if applicable. The most up-to-date Beckett guides are available wherever magazines are sold, at a local sports collectibles store or a library.

Find the worth of baseball cards utilizing Tuff Stuff's Sports Collectors Monthly magazine. Tuff Stuff is a magazine pricing guide similar to Beckett. Baseball card prices are organized inside a Tuff Stuff guide the same way as in a Beckett pricing guide. Utilizing both Beckett and Tuff Stuff allows you to double-check prices of baseball cards in your collection.

Sign up for a membership on the Card Pricer website. Memberships allow you to look for prices for baseball cards anytime you want using the Internet. Card Pricer members can also use their memberships to locate certified baseball card dealers in their areas--a very useful tool if you're looking to sell your baseball card collection.

Locate local baseball card dealers. These individuals inspect the quality of baseball cards, looking for any imperfections that may impact the worth of your baseball cards. Many baseball card dealers perform this service at no fee. Find local card dealers utilizing the Card Shop Finder website. Use the Sports Card Fun website to locate and contact baseball card and sports memorabilia. Visit at least two different dealers when pricing baseball cards in order to obtain an accurate price for the cards in question.

Have your rare baseball cards priced using the Professional Sports Authenticator service (this type of service is for rare or potentially expensive cards because of the cost involved). This service grades baseball cards by determining the condition of the cards. PSA then prices the cards. Contact PSA by emailing or calling 800-325-1121. Costs for shipping and appraisal vary based upon the amount of cards being appraised.

Things You'll Need

  • Pricing guide
  • Baseball card dealer
  • Baseball card authenticator


  • Remember that pricing guides only give you an estimate of the price of baseball cards. The exact worth is determined only after the card has been graded and priced by a certified authenticator.