Noah's Ark Costumes to Make

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The Bible tells the story of Noah's Ark, a wooden vessel that God asked Noah to build in order to save himself, his family and the animals of the world from the great flood. According to the book of Genesis chapters six and nine, God saw the corruptness and violence of man and decided to destroy all life. God saw Noah as “a righteous man” and chose him to build the ark. Noah got detailed instructions how to build the ark and what animals to save. According to to the Book of Genesis, Noah was to bring two of every sort of animals, male and female, on board the ark.

Noah's Ark Animal Costumes

Obvious Noah's Ark costumes would be pairs of different animals that were on board the ark. Animals that are thought to have been on the ark include cattle, horses, dogs, sheep, bison, tigers, giraffes and birds. All of these animals make great costumes, so you have lots to choose from. If you are making a costume for just one person, make two animal heads to indicate the pair that God asked to bring on the ark. Use a shirt and tights that fit the color of your animal, and add little details like wings and a peak for a bird, ears and tails for mammals.

Noah and the Ark Costumes

In addition to the different animals, the ark itself would make a great costume. Make a wooden-looking vessel with Noah and few animals on board. Use brown fabric to make the ark and sew pictures of animals on it. You could also make a Noah's Ark hat. You can also make a Noah costume.