Memory Board Ideas

A memory board is a fabric-covered board used to hold and display photographs and other paper mementos. It's usually made from foam core to keep it lightweight yet sturdy. Often memory boards have ribbons crisscrossing their surface, letting you tuck in photos and other papers. Here are some ways to use a memory board.

Vacation Memory Board

Instead of placing vacation photos and memorabilia into a photo album, make a memory board to remember your trip. Find a large map detailing the area where you vacationed and attach it to a piece of poster board. Cover a large piece of foam core (perhaps 20 inches by 30 inches) with a piece of fabric and affix the fabric with spray adhesive. Place the map at the center of the fabric-covered foam core and attach it with pushpins. Use the outer foam-core border around the map to attach photos, either with pushpins or crisscross ribbons across the entire foam core before attaching the map.

Celebration Memory Board

Often people like to make a collage of photos to show the life history of a guest of honor at a birthday, retirement or graduation party. Make a memory board to detail the life of a guest of honor. Find a trifold piece of foam core at a crafts store and cover it with inexpensive wrapping paper. Choose the pictures to showcase the guest of honor and use scrapbooking adhesives to mount the pictures to the covered foam core. Write captions for the photos onto small scrapbooking labels and place them under the photos. Place the display in a central location at the party so all guests can enjoy it.

Children's Memory Board

As children grow, they often collect a wide variety of photos and mementos. Help children display these photos and keep them organized by placing a memory board on a bedroom wall. Use a 20- by 30-inch piece of foam core and cover it with a fabric that compliments the bedroom decor. Or, find a fabric print that fits the personality of the child. For example, a little baseball player might like a memory board covered in a baseball print fabric, and a little dancer might enjoy a memory board covered with pink ballerina print fabric. Cover the foam core with the fabric and crisscross ribbons that coordinate with the fabric across the front of the memory board. Hang the memory board securely on the wall within reach of the child so she can add or remove items as desired.